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Exterior Home Remodeling

remodeling expert working on exterior painting

The façade of your home is essentially your first impression to the town you are living, which is why it needs to be well presented. Some facades are timeless, and others can become dated over time. When you are completing a remodeling of the interior of your home, it makes sense for the exterior to match so that you have a nice flow throughout your property. Having an appealing façade can say a lot about you to the people you have never met and can give a nice house proud feeling to our clients.


When considering the design of your façade, you also need to consider how it will fit in with the appearance of the street and other houses in the area. Of course we want our clients to have the best façade on the street, but we also do not want it to seem out of place in relation to your neighbors. When we help our clients with consulting on the design, we will take a look at the area and provide suggestions for what may work best for both your home and your community.


There are many different surfaces you can utilize when it comes to the façade of your home to create the look you are wanting to achieve. You can use brick, timber, render and a series of different cladding. Our team assist our clients in explaining the different options available to them as well as showing examples of what they look like. This helps our clients to think of different styles that they had not previously considered so that they could weigh up all their options and make the correct choice for their property.

Color Scheme

When looking at a color scheme of a façade, you generally don’t want anything that would be too offensive or attention grabbing. Having a nice smooth design with a blended color scheme can help to enhance the overall appearance of your property and give it that luxury feel many of our clients are looking for. Our team at Citywide Renovations are experienced in selecting visually appealing color schemes and enjoy assisting our clients throughout this process. If there are certain elements that our clients wish to have as features, we help blend them into the design to make them look natural.

Decorative Elements

There are also a range of different options available if you are looking to add some decorative elements to the front of your property. More classic examples of this include pillars and panels attached to the home which can create architectural beauty and intrigue. More modern decorative elements generally come along with cladding and the use of different textures and patterns within them to create a contemporary look with flair. The options available to our clients are near limitless and can often be overwhelming at times. Once we have an understanding of the style you are looking to achieve, we can help with a few examples of decorative elements you could add.