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About Our Business

remodeling expert smiling taking phone call

Our team at Citywide Renovations are a group of local professionals servicing the home remodeling needs of the residents within the area of Greater Baton Rouge and surrounding areas. We have found our passion in the hosing industry and get a lot of enjoyment out of turning our clients standard home into their dream home and forever home. We have a strong focus on the level of customer service we provide and enjoy getting involved in the design process. When we assist in this area we are able to provide inside knowledge to our clients to help them achieve their goals, whether this be to improve the flow of the home or to make the area seem more spacious.

We have successfully built a strong name for ourselves within the area due to the level of service we provide, the attention to detail and the knowledge we hold about the different and ever progressing design trends and how they can be achieved. Our clients come from a range of backgrounds whether they be first home owners looking to remodel a place to suit their needs, expanding families who require more space or other clients who require a remodeling of their home due to a change in accessibility requirements. Whatever the reason for the remodeling, our team are happy to help and have a brilliant track record of creating beautiful and livable spaces that our clients enjoy.