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Accessibility Remodeling

building with accessibility remodeling wheelchair lane

When you have had a change in your ability to move around your home as you used to, it may be time to consider a remodeling to make adjustments to your home. These adjustments can make it easier for you to navigate your property as well as stay in the home you know and love. Whether it is due to aging or if you have been in an accident, our team are able to give guidance on the different aspects we can remodel to make your life easier, as well as keep your home looking great.


Ramps are a commonly used element when we start to get issues with our lower body. This could mean that we have either been in an accident or our body has started to weaken due to the natural aging progression of life. Ramps are great for those who require a wheelchair or walking frame and provide a gradual incline rather than a steep one. We work with the already present characteristics of a home to make sure that we are able to seamlessly blend in the use of ramps to your property.


Handrails throughout your home hand be a very convenient addition when you need assistance getting around the home with some additional support. Handrails aren’t the ugly and bold rails that they used to be and can easily be blended in to the appearance of your home. They can even be installed in a creative way to make them a feature of your property. Our team at Citywide Renovations will gladly work with our clients to establish the required location of the handrails as well as refining their design and installing them to a high quality finish so our clients can be assured of their security.

Bathroom Remodeling

When our access requirements change, one of the hardest parts about our home can be the use of the bathroom. Luckily with all the resources we have available today and the desire for everyone to want bigger spaces in their bathrooms, this can be achieved easily without it being visible that they remodeling was to cater to altered access requirements. We work with our clients to refine the design that will both suit their accessibility needs as well as have a visually appealing and trendy look that will add value to their home.


When our access and mobility requirements change, certain types of flooring can make it exceptionally difficult to get around our homes with ease. For example, if you require the use of a wheelchair, you may want to consider a hard flooring rather than carpet which can be difficult to cross with a wheelchair. We help our clients with a selection of different types of flooring from tiles to timber to polished concrete floors, which can conveniently enough all be modified to suit the color scheme and style of the home owner to meet their aesthetic appeal.