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Consultation and Design

house during remodeling process

When you are looking to remodel your home, it can be quite beneficial to consult with the industry specialists at Citywide Renovations. As we complete remodeling tasks for our clients daily, we see what works well and what doesn’t work so well and are able to provide our clients with guidance on this. Here we will discuss the different ways in which our team are able to assist our clients through the design of their property to create their dream home.

Flow and Size

No one wants to have a cramped home, which is why our team assist our clients in providing functional designs that fit well with the space they have available. In some instances our clients may opt to increase the area of their bathroom or kitchen and reduce the size of others to create the flow requirements they are looking for. Converting your home to an open plan design also helps to give the appearance of more space and gives you a bit more room to work with when trying to create your dream home.

Latest Trends

As we work with remodeling projects every day, we are kept well informed of latest trends in the industry. This is valuable knowledge that we pass over to our clients to help them make the right decisions for their property when they are looking to upgrade their home. Some trends can become outdated quickly, which is why we like to advise our clients if they are intending to update the design of their home to one that is already on its way out. Having this information can prevent our clients from needing to do another remodeling project shortly after their first.

Technology Advancements

Technology advances at a quick rate as we all know, and this is something to consider when you are looking to convert your home into a smart home. We are able to give advice on the many different technological elements that you are able to incorporate into your home to make your everyday life that little bit easier. Whether it be in the form of security cameras or a home automation system, our team are able to give guidance on the best products available as well as the ones that should be avoided but may seem to be beneficial.

Finalizing the Design

When we help our clients finalize the design of their dream home, we will take into consideration the flow, functionality, trends, technology and also the color scheme of the property. Having a color scheme that works with your property is key to ensuring that you have a high end feel and no clashing colors which could impact the aesthetic design of your property. We enjoy helping our clients in all areas related to the design of their home as we are passionate about it, which is clearly visible when we work with our clients. We want you to have the best home you could imagine.